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Revenue Pitfalls for Software Startups

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs usually make is getting so carried away by their idea that they forget they need to build a profitable business from it.

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The New ERP Software Haves/Have Nots

A handful of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software companies have exited the great recession, regained their footing and posted respectable growth. Much like the macro economy, however, there is a growing divide between the "haves" and the "have-nots."

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When is the Right Time to Launch a Software Startup?

After selling his third software company to Oracle in 2007, Jon Fisher took a break from the CEO life to become an expert on economic cycles and their impact on the entrepreneurial process. Fisher spoke to SandHill.com about the importance of timing a company's launch, economic cycles, exit plans, and why he supports "natural selection" for economic pundits.

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