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Predictive analytics: the knowledge worker is the battleground

Donal Daly, CEO - Altify

Why do many organizations that invest heavily in analytics and hire data scientists to slice and dice the data end up frustrated? Here’s how to make predictive analytics powerful.

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Bimodal IT is not a destination – it’s an enabler for digital transformation

Akhil Sahai, Ph.D., VP Product Management - Perspica

What is bimodal IT, and why does it make sense in some cases? How can companies ease the transition and ensure that applications continue to run at optimal levels?

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How 7Geese Uses Natero to Improve Customer Retention

This case study explains how a SaaS company with disconnected sources of customer data now uses a solution that enables analyzing and acting on the data.

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Getting to know big data buzzwords

Rick Delgado, Technology Writer

If you’re investigating big data for your company, you’ve probably come across words and terms you don’t understand. Here is a guide for types of data and tools in the big data space.

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Bots and Artificial Intelligence – the wellness mentor by your side

Harish Pai, CTO - Infinite Computer Solutions

Artificial intelligence, particularly in the form of bots, promises a way for those in the healthcare industry to recreate the “real” conversations that seem to be lacking between patient and physician. Here’s how.