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What every mobile application needs to be successful

Justin LeClair, Co-founder and Co-CEO - App Partner

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, the best mobile apps must stand out to succeed. Here are four best practices to implement for a business’s mobile app to thrive.

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The future of marketing automation software

Dipti Parmar, Digital PR Strategist & Account Manager - Preceptist

How can marketing technology keep pace with increasing customer expectations and empower brands to respond to changing trends? And how does marketing automation help?

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Know-hows on leveraging life cycle marketing

Lisa Carolan, VP Operations - EX2 Solutions

Life cycle marketing is a continuous cycle of interacting with buyers. This article discusses the various stages and provides an illustration of them and the types of content suitable for each.

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LinkedIn and Microsoft aren’t building community

Dave Sabol, Director of Marketing Technology - Higher Logic

Although Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn might be just what they need, it’s not what your community needs. Here’s what your group needs in a platform for networking and productivity.

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The Cisco-CliQr deal: why entrepreneurs need more than capital to succeed

Chad Cardenas, MD, InstantScale Ventures - President, Trace3

Traditional funding methods often fall short when it comes to providing full support for growing businesses. Here’s what’s needed for success beyond venture capital.