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Our Mismanagement of Myth Management

Malcolm Kushner, Humor Consultant - Kushner Group

High-tech mythology needs to be carefully managed. Talking about "unicorns" sends the wrong message.

Getting Ready for AI

Anil Nair, Managing Principal - Varasi

A three-step framework helps smart companies make AI a differentiator.

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The Power of Adversity Muscle

Manan Mehta, Founding Partner - Unshackled Ventures

Immigrant-founded ventures leverage unique strengths to create 100,000 American jobs.

Three Forces Creating Jobs from Artificial Intelligence

Benjamin Pring, Co-Director - Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work

Even when machines do "everything," there will still be much work for humans to do.

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To CIOs: A message from your engine room

Matt Heller, Founder and CEO - Browsium

CIOs often end up trying to manage complex browsers with traditional management or cobbled-together tools. Why is this a problem?