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The What, Why, Who and How of Enterprise Mobility Adoption

This article presents some of the key takeaways from the Sand Hill study, “Leaders in Mobility Strategies: Tug of War Between Business Risk and Value.”

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Five Trends in Enterprise Mobility for 2012 and Beyond

How will enterprise mobility evolve? We see indications of five trends already underway in 2012 that will accelerate in the next two to three years.

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Drowning in "Big Data" Noise: Where’s the Real Signal?

Most of today’s Big Data and analytics solutions are mostly bolt-on solutions to existing ERP systems. many challenges remain to be addressed in the areas of performance and latency, data migration, bandwidth limitations, and application architectures.

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Five Challenges of Managing Big Data in Supply Chains

Logistics and supply chains are the richest data domains around. With data doubling every 18 months, how can companies manage the scale, quality and security of the data in the supply chain? Companies face the following five challenges as they manage big global data in the supply chain and strive to improve collaboration, automate processes and increase the visibility and efficiency of supply chains.

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