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Sand Hill 50 “Agile and Innovative” in Cloud

This list of software companies represents unique players as leaders to watch in the cloud space.

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Software CEO / CFO Outlook 2014: The Complications of Change

The software industry is in an era of explosive growth. Though welcome, the growth disrupts the status quo and causes significant transformation of companies’ operating infrastructures. A key finding in our study shows software executives are struggling with maintaining equilibrium among operational and investing priorities that push the companies in opposite directions at the same time.

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SaaS Now Revolutionizes the Channel

SaaS is requiring SaaS vendors and their channel partners to change the way they work together.

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Customer Satisfaction - and the Flip Side: Churn

In today's world of cloud and SaaS, almost real-time metrics are critical, if not mandatory, on an almost daily basis. In our recent survey of software CEOs and CFOs (see "Software Industry Facing Growing Pains"), we asked respondents to identify the most important metrics they use to track their business. The survey found that, as the industry transitions from on-premise to the SaaS and cloud models, revenue still tends to be the top indicator.

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