IoT Security: Put a Ghost in the Cloud

Patrick Kerpan, Co-founder & CEO - Cohesive Networks

The ghost or doppelgänger model is the future of the security for “IsoT”

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Leveraging Prioritized Incident Management

Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord, President - TOPdesk

Here’s how reallocating effort and action can create confidence with your service teams.

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It’s Not You, It’s The Category

Christopher Lochhead, Host - Legends & Losers

Why companies, brands and teams are winning/losing based on this single point of failure.

Empowering Connections and Agility Across the Globe

Sue Welch, Founder & CEO - Bamboo Rose

SaaS solutions and big data are driving new levels of product-lifecycle-management efficiency for multinational enterprises.

A Cloud-First Strategy for Disaster Recovery

Richard Blanford, Managing Director - Fordway

Organizations are realizing three benefits from moving DR to the cloud before other applications.