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Practical Steps for Building a Global Culture of Innovation

Geoffrey Moore stated, "This is the century where we've got to play away games," meaning that, although the U.S. pioneered the outsourcing movement, we're still innovating for the "home market." We need to build global innovation systems that leverage local talent to access business opportunities in local markets.

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Quotas, Women and Boards

One might wonder why I would choose to write about an issue of women and board seats just after taking on a new role as a corporate director of a public company. My personal bottom line is this: Setting arbitrary quotas without providing the key operational experiences / support / sponsorship will mean only that we recruit unqualified people.

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Meet Tomorrow's High-Performance Companies

I'm a veteran startup executive and venture capitalist in the technology industry. Our firm, Illuminate Ventures, invests in companies led by strong, entrepreneurial teams in a cross-section of high-tech sectors leveraging next generation technologies and services, with a particular focus on cloud computing and real-time analytics. In the process of researching potential investments, I became aware of a significant innovation opportunity overlooked by many early-stage tech companies.

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Mastering Cultural Opportunities in Outsourcing

Outsourcing development is a common practice for software companies. IT delivers numerous advantages including lower costs, expert resources, faster product development, faster time to market, and flexible resources. However, outsourcing can present significant cultural challenges. There are often unobvious differences in work methods and habits due to varied cultural ways of perceiving and relating to events and people.

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