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Drowning in "Big Data" Noise: Where’s the Real Signal?

Most of today’s Big Data and analytics solutions are mostly bolt-on solutions to existing ERP systems. many challenges remain to be addressed in the areas of performance and latency, data migration, bandwidth limitations, and application architectures.

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The Real Value of Analytics in the Cloud

Traditional transactional databases also are not very good at analyzing and mining intelligence from oceans of data. This spawned an entire industry around business intelligence and analytics. All of this just made the life of a CIO more complex. More tools. More technologies. More decisions. Is cloud-based analytics and databases an answer to this issue?

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Database as a Service: The Next Frontier in the Cloud?

I had several one-on-one conversations with CIOs, software executives, and cloud experts about database-as-a-service (DBaaS). My goal was to understand the challenges and benefits of DBaaS from a customer perspective and to identify future trends in this hot emerging space.

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VMware Takes on Hybrid Clouds and PaaS

I spoke with Shekar Ayyar, VP of corporate strategy at VMware about the company's cloud strategy and approach to hybrid clouds and Platform-as-a-Service. Here's an exceprt of our conversation.

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