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How big data can change your sentiment analysis game

Rick Delgado, Technology Writer

What is sentiment analysis? How does it and big data allow businesses to know what their customers and potential audience are thinking and feeling?

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Scanning Solutions Optimize Car Rental Customer Service and Satisfaction

Bruce Ackerman, Executive VP of Global Sales - Acuant

Rental car pick-up and return processes are important factors affecting customer satisfaction. Scanning technologies help, including streamlining and speeding up transactions.

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3 Tips to Gain a 360-Degree View of Your Customers

Laurent Fanichet, Vice President Marketing - Sinequa

Knowing as much as you can about your customers can significantly impact your business. This article discusses how an enterprise search and analytics solution will help you achieve this goal.

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The Key to Making Big Data Valuable: Make it Personal

Laks Srinivasan, Co-Chief Operating Officer - Opera Solutions

How can companies use data to bring in more customers, make them more loyal, turn unhappy customers into loyal champions of the brand and drive a significant increase in revenue?

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Collaboration among Product and Customer Data Domains Critical in Creating Memorable Customer Journey

Todd Callen, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing - Stibo Systems

Master Data Management (MDM) solutions ensure each customer engagement is as personalized and relevant as possible. Here are the key system components.