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Software: On the Road to $1 Trillion

The latest data from Battery Ventures show the factors driving industry growth and the impact that growth is having on the economy overall.

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Five Challenges of Managing Big Data in Supply Chains

Logistics and supply chains are the richest data domains around. With data doubling every 18 months, how can companies manage the scale, quality and security of the data in the supply chain? Companies face the following five challenges as they manage big global data in the supply chain and strive to improve collaboration, automate processes and increase the visibility and efficiency of supply chains.

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SaaS Innovation Isn't Just About the Web Browser

Much of the attention around cloud computing has focused on the innovation of the Web-based architecture. But the innovation of SaaS isn't just about Web access to software. I can think of five other reasons that the disruption of SaaS companies is about more than the Web access to software and the browser-based user interface.

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From Cloud Skeptical to Cloud Curious to Cloud First

Over the past couple of years I've observed three stages of cloud enlightenment: cloud skeptical, cloud curious and Cloud First. I recently sat down with Andrew Bartels, Director of IT at a US financial services firm, to learn about his path to cloud enlightenment as well as hear his advice for IT leaders seeking to gain a Cloud First perspective.

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Your Cloud Solution Won't Sell Here: How geographic differences are significant to marketing

Whether your product management / product marketing teams are in the US, Japan, Europe or elsewhere, they bring with them an understandable bias to their home market. Many companies fail to consider - or are simply stumped by - the different requirements other regions have. This oversight significantly impedes the expansion of products internationally and reduces global sales opportunities. What can companies do to incorporate geographic differences?

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