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How to Avoid Mistakes When Purchasing Software in 2014

How can companies avoid shortsighted software purchase decisions in the coming year? Several of SandHill’s content contributors and industry pundits offer advice.

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To the Cloud – or Not

For most mid to large companies, hybrid hosting solutions combine the best of all worlds: cloud, virtualization, hardware and co-location. Following are a few real-world examples of how the hybrid model is playing out and why the cloud may not be the most appropriate solution.

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Is Your Company Ready to Move to the Private Cloud?

This article describes three stages involved in moving to a private cloud. Wondering which stage your organization is in? Here are the checkpoints and indicators for each stage along with a discussion of what you’ll need to accomplish before moving to the next stage.

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Conducting a Fit and Readiness Assessment for Public Cloud IT

Saugatuck Technology's experiences with IT users and executives continue to emphasize the fact that not every IT workload is suitable for Cloud IT. When IT operations, business processes, and applications are assessed against defined business objectives, the economics and risk of Cloud use and management can be much more prohibitive than widely believed. Every significant workload, every significant application or operation, needs to be evaluated regarding its fit and readiness for Cloud deployment and use.

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