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Q&A with RiverMeadow on Frictionless Movement to and between Clouds

Mark Shirman, President and CEO - RiverMeadow Software

Fully automated, this process takes much of the manual effort out of cloud migrations and does not require customers to install any software or agents or buy into a PaaS.

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Tips for Successful Crowdsourced Funding for Startups

Javier E. Rojas, Managing Director - Kennet Partners

Here’s the story of key criteria in SDA/Cadence Design Systems’ successful use of crowdsourcing to fund the company’s launch.

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Q&A with InsideView CEO on CRM and Big Data Customer Analytics Trends

Umberto Milletti, Founder and CEO - InsideView

This full intelligence platform for sales and marketing combines data with insights and connections and then integrates it seamlessly into the workflow.

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Q&A with Manufacturing ERP Provider Syscon Solutions

S. Vijay Venkatesh, Co-Founder and Managing Director - Syscon Solutions

Targeted for small and medium manufacturing enterprises, this ERP solution was one of the first to be offered in the SaaS/cloud model.

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How to Avoid Negative Cash Flow and Churn in SaaS Offerings

Preciouse Gross, Community Manager - BlueSnap

Asking five questions when structuring your SaaS product can reduce the risk of falling into an extended period of negative cash flow.