The X Factor in Startup Ecosystems

Avinash Raghava, Fellow - iSPIRT

A personal look at Chennai’s SaaS success identifies five elements needed to become an epicenter of innovation.

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How to Minimize Financial and Tangible Risks with Insurance for Your Startup

Michael Rogers, Operations Director - US Insurance Agents

Most startups fail to buy adequate insurance policies for their businesses, leaving them with risk liabilities that can cause a business collapse. Here’s advice on the types of insurance policies a small business needs to buy.

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Ask the Experts: Great Startup Tech Locations other than Silicon Valley

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Three leaders of software companies share their insights about why their startups were launched in locations other than Silicon Valley and what those locations enable them to achieve.

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Startup Advice on Spending with Venture Capital Funding

Bret Waters, CEO - Tivix

Startup CEOs make different decisions when using venture capital funding. Here is advice for making good decisions about where to spend VC money, including achieving product/market fit inexpensively.

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Startups: Get Creative When it Comes to Where You’re Located

Stephen Thompson, Consul and Sr. Economic Officer - Ontario International Trade and Investment

There’s often a perception in the startup world that you need to be based in Silicon Valley to succeed. But is the Valley really the best location for your startup?