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Internet of Things

The IoT demonstrates the interdependence of Chinese and U.S. tech companies

David Friedman, CEO and Co-founder - Ayla Networks & Drew Lanza, Chairman - Ayla Networks

This opinion piece shares insights into U.S./China market dynamics for companies trying to navigate this challenging path.

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recruiting & hiring

7 ways startups can hack hiring

Adam Seabrook, Co-founder - Betterteam

What can your tech startup do to get the best people in this tough hiring climate? Here are seven tips that will make it much easier.

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Sales & Marketing

Advice for raising follow-on funding in 2017

Steve Weiss, Co-Founder - Grey Heron

Startups that are raising a Series B or C in 2017 should get ready for tougher-than-before scrutiny of their sales and marketing engine. Here’s how to prepare and zoom ahead of the pack.

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Sales & Marketing

Advice for CEOs about evolving marketing and sales technologies

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

How are martech solutions evolving and what is driving the way this software is changing? What is its impact on customer data? And what should CEOs know about investing in martech solutions?

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Former NASA chief explains why businesses can’t afford to play it safe

Dan Goldin, Founder and CEO - KnuEdge

This opinion piece written by the longest-tenured former chief administrator of NASA and current CEO of KnuEdge is a must-read for all business leaders in America.