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Microsoft Chairman and Other Notable Investors Chip in on Phantom Cyber

Steve Morgan, Founder and CEO - Cybersecurity Ventures

Hot cybersecurity startup Phantom Cyber has a dream team of investors. Here’s why you should keep your eyes on this company.

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CIO perspective

DevOps: Solving the Gap between Operations and Development Teams

Vadym Fedorov, Solutions Architect - SoftServe

Adopt DevOps in your organization and increase productivity of the development and operational teams with these recommendations.

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Sales & Marketing

How to Lead and Scale Your Customer Success Program

Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Evangelist - Gainsight

The emphasis on the customer success journey is gaining momentum but is still in the early stages. Consequently, software companies sometimes launch programs and initiatives without knowing keys to success.

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Sales & Marketing

Does your Software Business have “Stickiness” for Customer Upsells and Renewals?

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Customer intimacy is crucial, so software firms must find ways to get closer to customers. How can you succeed in building a customer success program?

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Run Your Advertising Agency More Efficiently with NetSuite

This white paper highlights some of the operational challenges that advertising firms face today and illustrates how deploying NetSuite can help agencies run their operations more effectively.