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PLM, BIM, ALM and IoT software providers: how much do you know about customers’ cloud strategies?

Alan Griffiths, Principal Consultant - Cambashi

What software providers must know of customer cloud strategies.

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Subscription Scorecard Metric Deep Dive: Cost of Customer Retention

This white paper from Waterstone Management Group explores different ways to calculate retention, the value of higher retention and how to determine the cost of customer retention.

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Sales & Marketing

Manufacturing software becomes add-on for industrial automation vendors in 2017

Yana Persky, Strategic Analysis Manager - Gemalto

Traditional industrial automation companies are looking for innovative ways to increase revenues. How does focusing on software and its monetization add more value to product offerings?

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Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for Crash Avoidance Systems

This eInfochips white paper discusses the testing of a prototype implementation of a complete vehicle-to-vehicle communication system for enhanced road safety.

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Why Big Brother’s next Manhattan Project is augmented reality

Jon B. Fisher, Founder and CEO - CrowdOptic

How does deploying augmented reality to catch a Pokémon Go Mewtwo relate to learning how to split a uranium atom? Here are four predictions and a warning about this risky craze.