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There Will Be Churn: SAP Nation

Vinnie Mirchandani, President - Deal Architect Inc.

The author of “SAP Nation” discusses his new book, which presents a detailed model of the economy surrounding SAP.

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4 Tips for Cloud Data Sovereignty: Finding a Jurisdictional Advantage

Sam Liu, Vice President of Marketing - Soonr

When evaluating solutions for secure file sharing and collaboration in the cloud, assuring proper jurisdictional control for data sovereignty protection should be a key selection criterion.

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Big Data

How Online Retailers Use Big Data to Personalize Their Prices

Daniel R. Faris, Journalist

Here’s how companies use big data to steer consumers to preferred purchases and customize prices based on various factors such as mobile use.

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Data Analytics Outsourcing to India: Does the Emperor have any Clues?

This white paper from Scry Analytics discusses the future growth of the data analytics outsourcing sector in India as well as various myths and hype related to it.

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Are You Ready for the New Revenue Recognition Standards?

Dan Miller, GM Software Vertical and VP Finance - NetSuite

This article discusses how you should prepare your software company and finance team for the new revenue recognition standards, including five distinct areas of focus.