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Big Data

New Software Solution for Managing Risks in e-Discovery and Data Retention

John Montaña, Principal - Montaña & Associates

This SaaS solution tells executives what they need to do and know with respect to legal compliance for data sets. The tool includes a risk-management component.

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Dresner’s Point: Three Cheers for Business Intelligence Troublemakers!

Howard Dresner, President and Founder - Dresner Advisory Services

What makes business intelligence initiatives and technology succeed or fail? Here are some BI dos and don’ts and what to do with BI users considered as troublemakers.

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Sales & Marketing

Dealing with Disruption in Content Marketing

Mark Gibson, Vice President - WittyParrot

A “black swan” is set to disrupt the way companies create marketing content and how people consume it.

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How to Make Billions with a Web-Based Consumer Business: The Four Gears Model

Chasm Group has evolved its thinking on how technology adoption operates, especially for Web-based apps and social media.

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Achieving Product-Market Fit: Lessons from Nest Labs

This briefing shared by Chasm Group is an overview of Nest’s market development strategy used to sell smart-home thermostat units.