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Software: On the Road to $1 Trillion

The latest data from Battery Ventures show the factors driving industry growth and the impact that growth is having on the economy overall.

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Thriving in an Emerging Market

Veteran CEO Tarkan Maner shares his tips for building a market, a business, and a brand in an innovation-centric industry with a team of disruptors.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Eddie Davis, VP, Business Development, FINSYNC

From building websites on a dial-up modem on a beach in Costa Rica to designing big concepts in fintech, Eddie Davis, VP at FINSYNC, has an appetite for research and analytics. In our first feature of the month, Eddie shares his thoughts on the current temperature for fintech and his forecast for trends emerging in 2020. 

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MR Asks 3 Questions: John Martis, President, Bigstep

We'll skip the puns about the *steps* that Bigstep, a bare metal cloud startup, is taking by hiring their new president, John Martis. Rather, we'll focus on where the bare metal industry is headed and the opportunities he sees coming.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Adwait Joshi, Chief Seer, DataSeers

Sharing his views on the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the banking and payments space, data expert, Adwait Joshi of DataSeers, emphasizes how data collection and analysis is the most important asset banks/fintechs have

Artificial Intelligence

Getting Mondays Back with AI and Automation

James Nicoles figures that at least 20% of his office time has gone to busy work. Not unimportant work, but work that is less about insight and strategy and more about ensuring that we have collated information, created necessary versions or answered urgent tactical needs and how AI and automation are minimizing and eliminating those time-takers.

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