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Q&A with OpenGamma on Risk-Analytics Solutions for Financial Institutions

Kirk Wylie, Chairman, Co-Founder - OpenGamma

Here’s an open source, transparent system for real-time risk management and analytics for financial institutions.

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Mimecast Touts Smarter, More Secure Email Services

Justin Pirie, Cloud and Email Strategist - Mimecast

Email has become the backbone of internal and external collaboration. This cloud-based email solution gives customers the capability to integrate with existing technologies, on-premises, hosted or cloud.

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Why Companies Increasingly Turn to Open Source Instead of Proprietary Vendors’ Software

Michael J. Skok, General Partner - North Bridge Venture Partners

Why is open source now a forethought instead of an afterthought? Here are findings of the 2013 Future of Open Source survey, including what’s on the horizon for open source, and the implications for buyers and vendors.

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The Whys and Hows of Social Selling

Jon Ferrara, Founder, CEO - Nimble, Inc.

Social networking sites are changing the game for sales for various reasons. Here are three main ways a salesperson should prepare for social selling.

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How AppGlu’s Mobile App Management Tool Helps Companies Keep Users Engaged After Launch

Adam Fingerman, CEO, Founder - AppGlu

AppGlu’s mobile platform allows companies to update their app’s content without re-engaging with their app developers. The CEO also discusses the biggest mistakes startups make and offers advice regarding product development.