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Contextual Marketing 2.0 for Telcos is More Than Marketing

Pravin Vijay, Director-Marketing - Flytxt

More dimensions are being added to contextual marketing, especially with big data, fast data and advanced analytics coming into the mainstream, allowing communication service providers and telcos to stay relevant to subscribers.

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Three Business Requirements for the Connected Age

Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO - LiveHive

Internet-connected devices produce huge volumes of data. To harness this data tsunami for competitive advantage, organizations are creating new ways to apply technology to ensure insight and agility.

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3 Steps to Improve Startup Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

Brian Hession, President and Founder - Oceanos

Want to close more deals? A key component of sales and marketing success is accurate customer contact data. This structured approach provides key insights that all stakeholders will find valuable.

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How to Lead and Scale Your Customer Success Program

Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Evangelist - Gainsight

The emphasis on the customer success journey is gaining momentum but is still in the early stages. Consequently, software companies sometimes launch programs and initiatives without knowing keys to success.

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Does your Software Business have “Stickiness” for Customer Upsells and Renewals?

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Customer intimacy is crucial, so software firms must find ways to get closer to customers. How can you succeed in building a customer success program?