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Retail Dynamic Pricing is More Than Software; it’s Also Strategy

Jason Wilson, Communications Manager - Mi9 Retail

Price intelligence software is the cornerstone of dynamic pricing for retailers. Here’s why strategy must be applied with the software to optimize margins, response times and other pricing KPIs.

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The Age of Distraction and Rise of Predictive Analytics

Dr. Cindy Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO - SalesChoice Inc.

Here’s why your company should invest in predictive analytics and cognitive computing areas to take advantage of machine-learning approaches.

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Follow the Technology Trail of the Best in Class

Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO - LiveHive

How are companies addressing and capitalizing on a shift within B2B selling caused by customers’ ability to educate themselves about products and services online?

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The Internet of Things Isn’t: A Thought Leadership Briefing on Profiting in the Next-Gen Internet

This thought leadership paper from Kevington Advisors describes the characteristics and consequences of the Next-Gen Internet (NGI) and how to find profit pools and thrive in the midst of the changes to industries and markets.

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Contextual Marketing 2.0 for Telcos is More Than Marketing

Pravin Vijay, Director-Marketing - Flytxt

More dimensions are being added to contextual marketing, especially with big data, fast data and advanced analytics coming into the mainstream, allowing communication service providers and telcos to stay relevant to subscribers.