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The Growth of Prescriptive Analytics

Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO - LiveHive

Software will apply analytics in a new way in 2016 to solve business problems and offer the most opportunity for business transformation and growth. Here’s how.

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Use Your Social Media Currency to Accelerate Business Growth

Michael Jenkins, CEO and Founder - Shout Digital Marketing Agency

Focus on these five crucial steps to turn your social media marketing into sales leads.

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Channel Partner Mindshare: Why It’s important and How to Get it, Measure It and Keep It

Rich Aroian, Managing Director and Founder - KP Channel Growth Associates

Here’s how software companies can improve interaction and sales with their channel partners.

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Why 2016 is the Year of the Money Story

Jim McGeever, President and Chief Operating Officer - NetSuite

Amidst all the changes in business over the past several years, particularly in high tech, 2016 will be a turning point. To truly prepare for the change in business climate, businesses need to do three things.

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Today’s Point Solutions Won’t Solve Tomorrow’s Front-Office Problems

Ragy Thomas, Founder and CEO - Sprinklr

Giving your customers a consistent experience requires reimagining your entire front office, including any customer-facing aspects. This article discusses how to manage this in three key phases.