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LinkedIn and Microsoft aren’t building community

Dave Sabol, Director of Marketing Technology - Higher Logic

Although Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn might be just what they need, it’s not what your community needs. Here’s what your group needs in a platform for networking and productivity.

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The Cisco-CliQr deal: why entrepreneurs need more than capital to succeed

Chad Cardenas, MD, InstantScale Ventures - President, Trace3

Traditional funding methods often fall short when it comes to providing full support for growing businesses. Here’s what’s needed for success beyond venture capital.

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Creating End-to-End Mobile POS Solution for B2B Sales

Ofer Yourvexel, CEO - Pepperi

Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) technologies have reshaped the B2C industry. It can have an even more significant impact in the world of B2B sales. Here’s why.

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The 6-10 Law: Data Science Reveals How Age and Money Impact Startup Value Creation

Christopher Lochhead, Co-founder and Partner - Play Bigger Advisors

When is the IPO sweet spot? What is the right amount of venture capital to raise pre-IPO to increase odds of creating long-term value? Do you want to be a category king? “Play Bigger” reveals answers.

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How to Succeed in Adapting your Company to the Social, Always Connected, Sharing Economy

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

“THE SOCIAL BUSINESS” explains how the C-suite needs to transform and operationalize a company to succeed in online trust and customer expectations.