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Three Criteria for a Better Customer Experience

Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO - LiveHive

To respond to and engage more effectively with today’s buyers, companies need to deliver a personalized customer experience that includes these three things.

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The Key to Making Big Data Valuable: Make it Personal

Laks Srinivasan, Co-Chief Operating Officer - Opera Solutions

How can companies use data to bring in more customers, make them more loyal, turn unhappy customers into loyal champions of the brand and drive a significant increase in revenue?

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Tracking the Channel’s Role in IoT and Cloud Opportunities

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

This article discusses three key challenges to the traditional technology channel approach created by the cloud and solutions to those challenges.

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C-Level Metrics and Reporting

Paul Albright, CEO and Co-founder - Captora

Use these key performance indicators to measure the health of your business, set goals and identify reprioritization efforts that can address potential issues before they surface.

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How to Create and Dominate Markets

Al Ramadan, Co-founder and Partner - Play Bigger Advisors & Christopher Lochhead, Co-founder and Partner - Play Bigger Advisors & Dave Peterson, Co-Founder and Partner - Play Bigger Advisors

Here are some examples of technology companies that have designed new categories and dominated them, and how you can too.