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Why High-Technology Salespeople Lose Deals

Steve W. Martin, Founder - Heavy Hitter Sales Training

It’s not always sales prowess or superior products that lead to a sale. Interviews of 1,000 decision makers reveals what separates winners from losers in tech sales.

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Don't Just Curate Content, Harvest it

Jim Burns, President - Avitage & Mark Gibson, CEO and Founder - Advanced Marketing Concepts

Content curation offers great potential to address many content challenges marketers face. Here’s how to get more out of your content and content investments.

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Data Scraping and the Importance of Well-Drafted Website Terms of Use

Lisa Allen, Associate Attorney - Lotus Law Center

Here are the problems with data scraping, how to prevent it, and legal recourse when it happens.

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Marketing at the Speed of the Customer Starts with Big, Smart Data

Mike Shanker, CEO, Co-Founder - QuickPivot

These four new database capabilities are the key to marketers collecting smart data to drive better campaigns and continuously perpetuate this cycle to stay relevant.

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Market Strategies Diverging for E-Commerce Retailers

Deepak Agarwal, Founder and CEO - NoMoreRack

Several distinct e-tailing business models are jostling for the attention of shoppers and investors. Here is a brief description of the primary e-commerce business models and their market implications.