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Privacy and Legal Concerns Relating to Websites

Lisa Allen, Associate Attorney - Lotus Law Center

All businesses should include these four essential elements on their websites.

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Big Data Analytics Ushers in Age of Nano-Marketing

Pravin Vijay, Director-Marketing - Flytxt

Here’s how Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can use nano-marketing to get a competitive edge in the market.

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Why Your Startup Needs to Do Content Marketing and How to Do It

Tom Malesic, Founder and President - EZSolution

Here’s how your startup can get its brand out there and start to become an authority in its industry.

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Achieving Synergy in Technology Marketing Projects

Lyuba Lazarenko, Head of Marketing - ELEKS

How do you ensure synergy both inside and outside of marketing to turn marketing from expenses to revenue?

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5 Steps to Defeat Software and Services Revenue Killers

Carter Hinckley, Managing Director - Blue Ridge Partners & Corey Torrence, Managing Director - Blue Ridge Partners

These steps will help software and services firms better understand and reduce their customer attrition.