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Avoiding post-launch depression: the key to early sales success

Tom Hogan, Founder and Partner - Crowded Ocean

It’s natural for market interest in your startup to diminish to some degree in the weeks and months after launch. Take these five steps to avoid post-launch depression.

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How to make presentations memorable and drive the audience to action

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

How would it benefit your career if you understood the power in the way movies tell stories and how to apply moviemakers’ approaches to your presentations? These and other tips for influencing audiences and stakeholders are in the book, “Get to the Heart.”

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Subscription Scorecard Metric Deep Dive: Cost of Customer Retention

This white paper from Waterstone Management Group explores different ways to calculate retention, the value of higher retention and how to determine the cost of customer retention.

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Manufacturing software becomes add-on for industrial automation vendors in 2017

Yana Persky, Strategic Analysis Manager - Gemalto

Traditional industrial automation companies are looking for innovative ways to increase revenues. How does focusing on software and its monetization add more value to product offerings?

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Advice for raising follow-on funding in 2017

Steve Weiss, Co-Founder - Grey Heron

Startups that are raising a Series B or C in 2017 should get ready for tougher-than-before scrutiny of their sales and marketing engine. Here’s how to prepare and zoom ahead of the pack.