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Achieving Product-Market Fit: Lessons from Nest Labs

This briefing shared by Chasm Group is an overview of Nest’s market development strategy used to sell smart-home thermostat units.

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A Brief History of Free Software … Or Did Facebook Pay Too Much for WhatsApp?

Umang Gupta, Retired Chairman and CEO - Keynote Systems, Inc.

A Silicon Valley technology visionary discusses how the role of software has evolved, Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and how startups can succeed with a free software strategy.

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How Retailers Can Make Better Use of Technology

Deepak Agarwal, Founder and CEO - NoMoreRack

The explosive growth of e-commerce is lighting a fire under brick-and-mortar retailers. Here’s what retailers need to do to compete for today’s savvy shoppers.

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The ROI That Matters

Dalia Asterbadi, CEO and Founder - realSociable

In the world of Big Data, there is an increased need for “rich data.” Here is advice on focusing on meaningful sales leads with the right data and avoiding a mentality that sabotages ROI.

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Aria Systems Discusses Internet of Things and Cloud Influence on Recurring-Revenue Model

Brendan O'Brien, Co-founder and Chief Architect - Aria Systems

Global brands from Audi to United Airlines are early adopters disrupting their markets with new product packaging and pricing models.