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Advice for Hiring a Chief Customer Officer: Q&A with FinancialForce

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

When should a company establish a customer success program? How do you determine where to focus efforts? And what criteria are necessary for selecting a chief customer officer?

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How to Accelerate Product Development Through Customer Discovery

Girish Pancha, CEO and Co-founder - StreamSets

Following these three suggestions can help accelerate your product development and ensure you iterate with customer needs in mind.

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Visual Search Tools Increase Conversion Rates in e-Commerce

Sayak Boral, Assistant Manager – Marketing - eInfochips

By implementing image-based search engines on Web and mobile apps, e-commerce companies should fundamentally achieve these results.

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How to Calculate Success of Your Enterprise Mobile Application

Ravi Sharma, Sales & Business Head - Girnar Software

If you want to enhance branding of your mobile app, increase revenue and have more user engagement, always measure your app’s success. Here are six key metrics.

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Cloud Migration’s Impact on Professional Services and the Opportunity It Presents

Mark Hauser, Managing Director and Founder - Waterstone Management Group

Migration to the cloud is driving a rapid value shift for the professional services market. How can providers and software companies capitalize on this shift?