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8 Tips for SaaS UI Design that Reduce Churn

Paul Giurata, Managing Partner - Catalyst Resources

How do you design a SaaS product to become a habit for users? The battle against SaaS churn begins with these design strategies.

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Q&A with Jeff Kaplan: Cloud and Next-Gen Software Influencer

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

This article in SandHill’s series profiling software industry leaders features the founder of THINKstrategies and the Cloud Computing Showplace, as well as host of the Cloud Innovators Summit series.

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Aria Systems Discusses Internet of Things and Cloud Influence on Recurring-Revenue Model

Brendan O'Brien, Co-founder and Chief Architect - Aria Systems

Global brands from Audi to United Airlines are early adopters disrupting their markets with new product packaging and pricing models.

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SaaS and Cloud-Based Tech Companies Trending on Wall Street

Zach Taiji, Business Writer - Pulp-PR

Where does 2014 stand for the success of SaaS IPOs? How many pass the sustainability test?

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Turn Your Revenue Funnel into an Hourglass for a More Flattering Figure

Nick Mehta, CEO - Gainsight

B2B companies have long used the visual of a funnel to talk about how they acquire customers. But with customer success as the driver, the funnel changes to an hourglass.