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Cloud ERP: Your Competitors Aren’t Waiting

Stewart Florsheim, VP, Marketing - Kenandy, Inc.

Cloud ERP solutions address the challenges current systems face in today’s new business environment. Here’s why you can’t risk being left behind.

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Ask the Experts: ROI vs ROE

Mike Rozlog, CEO - dBase & Lauren Kelley, CEO & Founder - OPEXEngine & Praful Saklani, CEO and Founder - Pramata

Experts discuss whether the goal of ROI is diminishing in importance due to focus on return on user experience (ROE).

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Data Visualization: Changing the Way Decisions Are Made

Roey Libfeld, Head of Business Development and Market Research -

Data visualization allows decision makers to directly interact with the information that’s needed to make an informed decision. Here’s how.

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Play Bigger: Time to Market Cap 100

This SlideShare executive briefing from Play Bigger Advisors ranks the top 100 U.S. technology companies that are growing in value the fastest, including the top 11, dubbed as “Super-Unicorns.”

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Bluenose Accelerates Time to Value with Customer Success Platform for SaaS Businesses

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

This intelligent customer success platform enables SaaS businesses to proactively manage and engage their customers.