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Appian’s Michael Beckley: A New Kind of Tech Leader

Michael Beckley, Co-Founder and CTO - Appian

What should be the focus of a technology leader? Appian’s CTO answers this question and others in the first article in a SandHill series profiling software industry leaders.

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Q&A with Decision-Management System Hexigo’s CEO

James Cattermole, Founder, CEO - Hexigo

This software drives teams to make decisions quickly and efficiently and also determines the quality of the decisions.

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Q&A with OpenGamma on Risk-Analytics Solutions for Financial Institutions

Kirk Wylie, Chairman, Co-Founder - OpenGamma

Here’s an open source, transparent system for real-time risk management and analytics for financial institutions.

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Qualitia’s Scriptless Software Test Automation Accelerates Time to Market

Rahul Chaudhari, Managing Director, CEO - Qualitia

This “scriptless” software test automation platform eliminates programming as required by conventional automated testing. Thus it brings test automation close to an organization’s QA team, subject-matter experts and manual testers.

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The Top 5 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs and What They Would Do Next Time

Burton Goldfield, President and CEO - TriNet

If entrepreneurs could “do it all over again,” what mistakes would stand out above the rest? TriNet lists five and tells how to do it better the second time around.