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Q&A with RiverMeadow on Frictionless Movement to and between Clouds

Mark Shirman, President and CEO - RiverMeadow Software

Fully automated, this process takes much of the manual effort out of cloud migrations and does not require customers to install any software or agents or buy into a PaaS.

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Q&A with InsideView CEO on CRM and Big Data Customer Analytics Trends

Umberto Milletti, Founder and CEO - InsideView

This full intelligence platform for sales and marketing combines data with insights and connections and then integrates it seamlessly into the workflow.

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How to Maximize the Benefits of Data Governance through a Data Stewardship Platform

Rex Ahlstrom, Chief Strategy Officer - BackOffice Associates

Incorporating technology, process and expertise, this platform helps reduce the amount of time to achieve master data quality and effectiveness and produce business-ready data.

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Q&A with MuleSoft on Trends in API Connectivity

Greg Schott, CEO - MuleSoft

With this platform, companies can easily connect their internal and external applications and systems, while achieving faster time to market and unlocking competitive advantage.

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Groundbreaking Technology Provides Continuous Availability During Cloud Outages

Cary Breese, CEO - GenieDB

Cloud outages are inevitable, but this globally distributed solution that employs NewSQL technology can easily mitigate the impacts they have on availability.