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The Ultimate Caveat for Software Executives and Millennials

S.V. Executive, CEO - Software Company

A CEO shares his signature tricks for getting things done for decades, warns against doing the same, and gives advice on a better way.

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Three Reasons Non-Techies Make the Best Tech Entrepreneurs

Kurt Johnson, CEO - HammerDirect, LLC

Many non-techies, such as Steve Jobs, have been successful in the tech world. This article discusses why non-techies can have a competitive edge over their techie, hacker/coder counterparts.

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Affordable Software-Defined WAN Regardless of Net Neutrality

Sanjay Uppal, CEO & Co-founder - VeloCloud

Why is a new technology, SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking), so important for enterprises?

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Which Tech Company Will Realize That “Smart” Is Just Another Word for “Distracting?”

Daniel R. Faris, Journalist

What place do smartwatches really have in our daily lives? And what does it take to build a desirable fitness tracker? This article discusses the emerging trends in wearable technology.

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Five Standout Features of VMware vSphere 5.5

Anjali Bisaria, tech writer

vSphere 5.5 highlighted a number of improvements and enhancements across the entire VMware platform. This article discusses five of those improvements.