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Q&A with MuleSoft on Trends in API Connectivity

Greg Schott, CEO - MuleSoft

With this platform, companies can easily connect their internal and external applications and systems, while achieving faster time to market and unlocking competitive advantage.

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Conversation with Cloudera on Hadoop and Big Data Trends

Charles Zedlewski, Vice President, Products - Cloudera

Cloudera recently bolstered the security aspects of its Hadoop platform and also introduced advancements in the platform’s search functionality for structured and unstructured data.

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Tips on Selecting Quality Assurance Automation Software Tools

Francisco Barquero, Quality Assurance Engineer - Avantica Technologies

Software test automation cuts costs and reduces software product time to market through maximizing test coverage, but there are important questions to answer before investing in QA tools.

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The Anatomy of Big Data

Peter Auditore, Principal Researcher - Asterias Research & George Everitt, CEO - Applied Relevance

Explore insights in Big Data’s aspects such as emerging technologies and challenges.

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SugarCRM Success Reshaping Enterprise Applications

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

What is the significance of SugarCRM’s new round of funding from Goldman Sachs and the timing of the funding?