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Notable quotes about big data, Silicon Valley, open source and others in the software ecosystem

“Business intelligence now is like the Internet at the Altavista [search engine] and Mosaic [browser] stage. It is early days. What made the Internet take off was usability, through the browser, and relevance….”
- Andrew de Rozairo, business development director, strategic partners EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Sybase

“I am certain that the battle of the next generation of Internet businesses will be made up of who has more data and who knows how to use it better than anyone else.”
- Scott Thompson, former PayPal executive

“Software giant, Vole, is so worried that its image has been tarnished by the heavy drinking antics of its sales people that it has ordered its staff back off the wagon. … Microsoft is not admitting the company has a culture of heavy drinking, although we would have thought that trying to sell Vista would have driven any sane person to the bottle.”
- Nick Farrell, UK writer

“Although the [U.S. presidential] candidates are using different CMS platforms and coding, it is important to note that they are all using open source technologies, such as Apache and jQuery. The vast majority of presidential candidates in the 2012 race have their websites built on open source content management systems, while virtually none of the candidates in 2008 were using a CMS for their websites.”
- Sarah Gooding, user interface designer/developer

“You have to be willing to get your hands dirty. [Big Data] isn’t a fully shrink-wrapped product where you open the box, install it on servers and it runs fine. You need a good set of system administrators and solid practices around how to build out these environments.”
- Will Duckworth, vice president of software engineering, comScore Inc.

“They say that sexism in Silicon Valley isn’t blatant but it is there. … Sadly, I never experienced this before coming to Silicon Valley.”
- Karen Song, developer

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