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Notable quotes about Hortonworks, IBM, AWS, Google and others in the software industry ecosystem


Internet of things won’t happen without a broader move to IPv6

Nadella effect: Microsoft passes Exxon, is now world’s 2nd most valuable company


“Plan Well & Execute: Innovations bring customer service to ‘Jetsons’ age” … A combination of these three innovations could be an ordering-and-paying tablet at your casual dining restaurant, where your food is served by a robot. While you are eating, a commercial comes up on the tablet offering you a chance in a 50/50 drawing among all patrons that evening. 


It’s just — to me, if you look at the history of AWS, prices have come down very consistently, [on] something like 45 different occasions in the last eight years. And they’ve come down largely in the absence of any competitive pressure to do so … So is it a price war? I mean, I know that’s a very interesting angle for stories in the press. And I know the press has been very excited about it. We just don’t think of it that way because we’ve always believed that pricing is going to continue to come down. — Andy Jassy, head of Amazon Web Services

Imagine the time it takes for an aircraft carrier to make a 90-degree turn. IBM is like that aircraft carrier, and cloud computing is shifting the enterprise IT landscape, forcing IBM to make course changes. … Additionally, “software as a service” is gaining traction, forcing the middleware and systems management markets to make significant changes. … Rometty has the leadership skills, energy and boldness to move quickly, but working with her 13-member board of directors (average age is 64) is like dragging an anchor. Rometty is a clear communicator, a collaborator and easily approachable, but it may take a lot more to change the dispassionate culture of the gray suits at IBM. — Malcolm Berko, Columbian business columnist

I view the IPO of Hortonworks as one of many factors that signal what’s going to be the enormous opportunity for Hadoop and, in essence, it validates the next generation of data management technologies. — Jim Frankola, CFO, Cloudera

[I]f this is the pace of technology now will it remain at this frenetic pace. … A decade ago and even today many users find a deskphone still the basic communications device while at the other end of the spectrum there are users who want to be sky-diving while having multi-user video conference calls and IM-instant messaging during the event. — Thomas B. Cross, technology writer

Simply because they connect, communicate and analyse doesn’t make an IoT thing productive or useful. To be impactful, IoT technologies need to solve real problems that typically involve multiple collaborating activities that include people, systems, and ‘things.’ In other words, IoT needs orchestration through automated intelligent processes or what might be called the ‘Process of Everything’ (PoE). — sourced by Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, chief evangelist and VP of BPM, Pegasystems

Every organization of 20 people or more has to have a technology strategy. This isn’t an IT strategy, but rather a focus on how technology is changing the industry and the company. If not, the organization is in the process of dying. — Reid Hoffman, technology investor and founder of LinkedIn

Google does experiments on how long the cafeteria lines should be in order to get conversations between people who wouldn’t know each other otherwise. They’re doing that because they want to drive innovation. That’s one of the things that makes innovation happen – getting conversation sparked between people from different areas. So if you can architect opportunities for collaboration, even in something as simple as the length of the cafeteria line, then you’re far more likely to get that innovation. — Jeff Tanner, professor at Hankamer School of Business and director of Baylor’s Innovative Business Collaboratory

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