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Notable quotes from Symantec, Pegasystems and others in the software industry ecosystem

But in this case [Heartbleed security flaw], it was a simple programming error in a new feature, which unfortunately occurred in a security relevant area. … It’s unfortunate that it’s used by millions of people, but only very few actually contribute to it. The benefit of open source software is that anyone can review the code in the first place. The more people look at it, the better, especially with a software like OpenSSL. — Robin Seggelmann, who was fixing numerous bugs in OpenSSL encryption protocol over two years ago

We’re still connecting [Internet of] things first and securing them after. This is because we live in a consumerized world where there’s a need for businesses to release devices at a competitive price point. … We’re not at the point where creators are building things with security in mind. They’re not thinking about the cyber risk. Given that people aren’t designing devices with privacy baked in, the government needs to step in and make sure devices are built with security in mind from the start. Competitive pressures mean they won’t do it themselves. — Sian John, security strategist, Symantec

I must admit when I first saw the WhatsApp valuation I thought I needed to get bifocals. I thought I must have missed a decimal point. — Peter Nieh, venture capitalist at Lightspeed

I think the venture-fueled app culture embodied by Silicon Valley is destroying America as a place for making serious software. All the money and kids solving problems that don’t need solving will not make America more competitive and will erode America’s lead in software…and I think it will get worse, not better. … Software has failed its users. Instead of a customer-driven model focused on users, we have pinpoint solutions that can’t be integrated without a whole new way of thinking about the problem.— Alan Trefler, CEO, Pegasystems


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