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Notable quotes about Skynet, Patents, IBM and others in the software industry ecosystem

FAVORITE HEADLINES OF THE WEEK: CEO Marc Benioff Trots Out Another Fantastic Pair Of Shoes

IBM Paying Globalfoundries $1.5 Billion to Take Unit in Retreat From Chips


Multilingual patent database created to propel innovation 


Microsoft Unveils New Super Bowl-Like Event For Enterprise Tech


[Mobility] is a much broader topic than smartphones and tablets. The end game here isn’t the device as much as the software in the background that manages it. You can’t separate the cloud and mobility. If you don’t have one you’re not going to have the other. And as sensors relaying data back to the enterprise proliferate device wars are going to become irrelevant. — Larry Dignan, editor-in-chief, ZDNet, and editorial director, TechRepublic

Taking advantage of technology that’s about to occur is smarter than just looking at existing technology. — Brad Luke, mayor of Newcastle, Australia

We have the legal authority to intercept and access communications from information pursuant to court order, but we often lack the technical ability to do so. … Encryption isn’t just a technical feature. It’s a marketing pitch. But it will have very serious consequences for law enforcement and national security agencies at every level. — James Comey, FBI director

Because when the various pieces of the technology puzzle that are required to make Skynet take off come together, there’s a high probability that everything you think you know about telecom will change, forever. Satellite comms? Cooked. Fiber networks and their operators? Eviscerated. Copper? By 2024, it’ll be just another word for a Brit policeman. Think about this for a minute, and allow the implications to properly sink in. That’s right, everything you think you know about high-capacity communications, and the current hegemony of traditional telco operators, gone (poof!). Talk about your disruptive technology, eh? — Stephen Saunders, founder and CEO, Light Reading


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