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Notable quotes about Amazon, Bitcoin, Google and others in the software industry ecosystem


Germany wants to peak at Google’s search algorithm

IBM Hopes to Lure New Data-Hungry Customers with Freemium Watson Analytics Tool


Amazon … disclosed plans last month to release its own advertising software to replace the ads that Google and others currently supply on the online retailer’s digital properties, potentially challenging the Mountain View company’s market dominance, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Still, public cloud price wars and expansions in what you can buy in an “as-a-service” model have caused some pundits to project we’re headed for a time where we won’t need IT departments. IT services will become so ATM-like — convenient, low-cost, and easy to operate — that business people will be happy to run their own IT operations. I say horse puckie. And moreover, cloud providers should be careful what they wish for. — David Fowler, VP Marketing, iNetU

Well, [PayPal] was a failure in that we did not achieve our original vision of a completely new currency system for the world. I’m probably psychologically biased against [Bitcoin] since– if we couldn’t succeeded at PayPal, I’d be tempted to come up with the reasons why nobody would succeed at it at this point. My sense is that [Bitcoin is] still slightly too cumbersome to work at the end of the day as a new payment system. — Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and Palantir

As CTO, [Brian] Stevens [new manager of Google Cloud] was instrumental in preparing Red Hat for the cloud, including its adoption of the OpenStack software for running cloud services. I don’t see Google adopting OpenStack any time soon, but the company is certainly friendly to open source. — David Linthicum, SVP, Cloud Technology Partners

We need true video analytics … using computer vision algorithms to analyze video pixels automatically, and over time — not only identifying objects in the scene, but also tracking their movements and behavior. Over the longer term, as video analytics of aerial or space data become more widely accessible, it will change the way we understand the world. It will give everyone access to the data that, until recently, only militaries and intelligence agencies had at their disposal. It will let everyone see for themselves what is really happening around the world and disrupt the current notion of the big data revolution. This is true freedom of information and it is on the horizon. — Sean Varah, founder and CEO, MotionDSP


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