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Challenges for Data Management: Top Five In 2015

Sheldon Smith, Senior Product Manager - XO Communications

Big data presents big challenges for data management. Here are some solutions for tackling the problems.

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How Online Retailers Use Big Data to Personalize Their Prices

Daniel R. Faris, Journalist

Here’s how companies use big data to steer consumers to preferred purchases and customize prices based on various factors such as mobile use.

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Implementing a Bimodal IT Strategy for Mobile App Development in 2015

Fima Katz, President and CEO - Exadel

Potential pitfalls, implementation and platform recommendations for a bimodal IT strategy for enterprise mobile app development are discussed.

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Prediction: Software Vendor Battles Will Dominate 2015

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Which software vendors will face the most dramatic changes to their business in 2015? Which ones will we see most often in the news? Where will we see the fiercest market-share battles?

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Wearables in 2015: The Real Power of Streaming Video Lies in Computing

Jon B. Fisher, Co-founder and CEO - CrowdOptic

This article discusses wearable tech trends in 2015, including the power of streaming video and utilization of Google Glass.