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Dresner Advisory Puts Cloud and Collaborative BI in 2014-2015 Perspective

Howard Dresner, President and Founder - Dresner Advisory Services

Dresner Advisory Services talks about trends and analysis of software tools in the third annual Cloud BI and Collaborative BI market studies.

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How Much Does a Mobile App Cost and How Long Does It Take to Develop?

Andrew Dailey, Managing Director - MGI Research

Survey data focused on time frames and budgets for mobile app development is presented and recommendations for users and vendors are provided.

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Exclusive: iPhone 6 Launch - Comparing Apple to Apple

Phil Ahad, Vice President - Toluna QuickSurveys

Check out the results of this consumer poll of 1,000 customer satisfaction opinions comparing iPhone 6 to iPhone 5s within 24 hours of launch.

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Four Tips for Ensuring Your Executives Fully Realize the Value of Your Investments in Cloud, Mobile and Digital Workflow Tech

Dennis Amorosano, VP, Marketing & Professional Services, Business Imaging Solutions Group - Canon U.S.A.

Study finds execs don't know of IT investments; lowers ROI.

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File-Sharing Software, No Strings Attached

Sam Liu, Vice President of Marketing - Soonr

Improve four business functions by making file-sharing solutions available for recipients regardless of whether they are a registered user of that service.