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How BYO Messaging Impacts Enterprise Security

Alfred Chuang, CEO - Magnet Systems

Here are four key considerations business owners should take to safely take advantage of mobile messaging technology to have safe, meaningful conversations with users and employees.

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Visual Search Tools Increase Conversion Rates in e-Commerce

Sayak Boral, Assistant Manager – Marketing - eInfochips

By implementing image-based search engines on Web and mobile apps, e-commerce companies should fundamentally achieve these results.

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Account and Password Management on the AS/400

Dean Wiech, Managing Director - Tools4ever

Managing the user account life cycle and defining roles on IBM’s AS/400, as well as resetting passwords, has always been a challenge for systems administrators. Here’s how IAM solutions can help.

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Scanning Solutions Optimize Car Rental Customer Service and Satisfaction

Bruce Ackerman, Executive VP of Global Sales - Acuant

Rental car pick-up and return processes are important factors affecting customer satisfaction. Scanning technologies help, including streamlining and speeding up transactions.

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Here’s What Your Data Breach Incident Response Should Look Like

Sekhar Sarukkai, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist - Skyhigh Networks

Knowing beforehand what to expect and steps to take will go a long way to mitigate a data breach crisis as it unfolds. Here are recent mistakes companies made and steps for an effective incident response plan.