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Overcoming the Digital Business Disconnect

Joan Wrabetz, Chief Technology Officer - QualiSystems

C-level executives often can’t agree on who is responsible for what when it come to a digital business transformation. This article discusses strategies and avoiding roadblocks during the process.

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Run Your Advertising Agency More Efficiently with NetSuite

This white paper highlights some of the operational challenges that advertising firms face today and illustrates how deploying NetSuite can help agencies run their operations more effectively.

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Island Incubator: Ireland and the Cognitive Internet of Things

Leo Clancy, Head of Technology, Consumer & Business Services - IDA Ireland

Ireland is playing an outsized role in advancing Internet of Things applications.

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How Mobile Scanning Solutions Improve Customer Experience, Compliance and Reduce Costs

Yossi Zekri, President & CEO - Acuant

In a society that moves at gigabit speed, customers and healthcare patients demand to be served quickly and efficiently. Mobile scanning technologies will help your business excel.

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IoT and the Growing Use of Location Features in Business Intelligence Software

Howard Dresner, President and Founder - Dresner Advisory Services

Find out the IoT and mobile trends including user priorities, implementations, future plans and vendor support for location intelligence features.