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Embracing Transparency — The New Mantra for B2B Technology Success

Vinay Bhagat, Co-Founder and CEO - TrustRadius

B2B technology marketers can gain competitive advantage by encouraging customers to share unfiltered perspectives in a software review forum.

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5 Keys to Success with a Recurring-Revenue Model

Kimberly Odom, Director - Vertical Marketing, Software Industry - NetSuite

What has allowed NetSuite to achieve rapid growth in the world of recurring revenue and remain a leader in the SaaS industry?

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Cracking Google’s Knowledge Graph

Rich Benci, Chief Operating Officer - Algebraix Data Corp.

What steps should you follow for your website to get the proper visibility and exposure from Google’s newest search engine result system?

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How to Avoid Negative Cash Flow and Churn in SaaS Offerings

Preciouse Gross, Community Manager - BlueSnap

Asking five questions when structuring your SaaS product can reduce the risk of falling into an extended period of negative cash flow.

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Q&A with Gainsight on Driving Customer Success in Recurring-Revenue Software Companies

Nick Mehta, CEO - Gainsight

Through unique data science knowledge, visualization, workflow and integration with native CRM platforms, this solution drives measurable improvements in churn rate and up-sell velocity.