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Avangate’s Commerce-as-a-Service Offering Simplifies Software and SaaS Sales and Marketing

Carl Theobald, CEO - Avangate

This sales solution helps software and SaaS companies achieve faster time to market with flexible new offerings that focus on customer-oriented value.

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Q&A with OpenGamma on Risk-Analytics Solutions for Financial Institutions

Kirk Wylie, Chairman, Co-Founder - OpenGamma

Here’s an open source, transparent system for real-time risk management and analytics for financial institutions.

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Is Technology Disruption Making Your Pricing Strategy Obsolete?

Eric Pelander, Partner, Co-founder - Waterstone Management Group & Jonathan Zorio, Principal - Waterstone Management Group & Apurba Pradhan, Associate - Waterstone Management Group

Here are four trends that impact pricing.

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ISV Migration to the Cloud via Managed Services

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

Here’s how software vendors can move their applications to a cloud or SaaS model without cannibalizing their installed base of perpetual license customers.

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How SafeNet’s Cloud-Based Software Monetization and Tracking Solution Increases Software Companies’ Revenue and Reduces Churn

Michelle Nerlinger, VP, Marketing - SafeNet

Software monetization is an increasingly crucial service that drives pricing and product road map decisions. This article reveals evolving trends in monetization strategies.