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Clearing Up Misconceptions About Minimum Viable Product

Bret Waters, CEO - Tivix

Every startup in Silicon Valley wants a minimum viable product (MVP), but not everyone is exactly sure what it is. Here are the myths and the facts.

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Leadership Tips: 9 Ways Business Imitates Hockey

Andy MacMillan, CEO - Act-On Software

Here are nine examples of why the saying “sports imitates life” seems especially true of hockey and the competitive tech business environment.

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The 6-10 Law: Data Science Reveals How Age and Money Impact Startup Value Creation

Christopher Lochhead, Co-founder and Partner - Play Bigger Advisors

When is the IPO sweet spot? What is the right amount of venture capital to raise pre-IPO to increase odds of creating long-term value? Do you want to be a category king? “Play Bigger” reveals answers.

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How to Succeed in Adapting your Company to the Social, Always Connected, Sharing Economy

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

“THE SOCIAL BUSINESS” explains how the C-suite needs to transform and operationalize a company to succeed in online trust and customer expectations.

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Role Model for the CFO as Strategic Advisor and Better Business Partner

John O’Rourke, VP Product Marketing - Host Analytics

There’s actually a “Star Trek” character the CFO can look to as a positive role model to become a strategic advisor and business partner to the CEO and other LOB executives. The article also discusses tools that can help connect operations and finance.