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Former NASA chief explains why businesses can’t afford to play it safe

Dan Goldin, Founder and CEO - KnuEdge

This opinion piece written by the longest-tenured former chief administrator of NASA and current CEO of KnuEdge is a must-read for all business leaders in America.

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Why KnuEdge took the long route in artificial intelligence instead of the startup fail-fast approach

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

KnuEdge, a San Diego-based startup, launched in June after 10 years in stealth. What are the benefits and challenges of taking a longer-term approach instead of a typical short-term startup route?

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Relentless continuous improvement

Robert O. Martichenko, CEO - LeanCor Supply Chain Group

This article discusses four stages of problem-solving maturity organizations need to progress through to achieve advanced supply-chain performance.

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What they don't tell you about being a CEO

Derek Collison, Founder, CEO - Apcera

Power, leadership, control, authority and success: all these terms are associated with being a CEO. But other less glamorous terms are equally fitting.

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Q&A with ClusterHQ CEO about innovation in software storage solutions

Di Freeze, Editor -

What innovations are happening in the container solutions space? The CEO of ClusterHQ shares why the company is a game-changer and advice for other startup CEOs and entrepreneurs.