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Silicon Valley Pioneers Recall How its Unique Culture Was Shaped

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Many cities and regions have vied to become as successful as the fabled Silicon Valley, but so far it remains unique. Here’s why.

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How Big Data Analytics is Disrupting Hiring and Management

Carl Tsukahara, EVP Product and Marketing - Evolv

Big Data and predictive analytics are enabling contributions across the hiring and management segments of the employee life cycle. Here’s how.

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Why a Data Management ELA in 2014 Could Cost CIOs Their Jobs

Darren Cunningham, Vice President, Marketing - SnapLogic

Why is 2014 such a dangerous time to stifle data innovation by locking into an ELA with a legacy data management software vendor?

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Challenging the Status Quo in Enterprise IT

Sandy Kurtzig, Founder, Chairman, CEO - Kenandy

Here are three major competitive impacts of transitioning IT organizations too slowly to the cloud.

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Financial and Business Metrics Tips for Software Execs

Robert Reid, CEO - Intacct

Here are the facts on metrics that execs need to know to gauge business success and to avoid financial management mistakes.