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16 Lessons Learned by Software Startup CEOs

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Here are startup CEO lessons learned and what they would do differently the second time around.

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Software Mentors, Mavericks and Management

Hilary Gosher, Managing Director - Insight Venture Partners

These six insightful guidelines will help mentors aid others to grow their companies and expand their professional horizons.

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Which Business Entity Form is Right for Your Business?

Lisa Allen, Associate Attorney - Lotus Law Center

Deciding which legal entity your software startup will take will have lasting effects on all aspects of business operations. Here’s a brief breakdown of various types.

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What to Consider Before Pivoting Your Business to the Cloud Model

Peter Yozzo, Founder and CEO - ThinkHR

Here are five things software companies should do and five mistakes to avoid when making the transition to a cloud model.

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LegalJunck: The Startup's Guide to Intellectual Property

Lindsay Junck, Associate Attorney - Lotus Law Center

How important is trademark and servicemark protection, what do startups need to copyright, and what are the most prohibitive factors for registering intellectual property?