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Security Awareness: Large Breaches Get Attention, but Organizations Need to be Ready for “Smaller” Ones

Dean Wiech, Managing Director - Tools4ever

Organizations often overlook daily security risks. These small steps and quick implementations will easily increase IT security.

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Privacy and Legal Concerns Relating to Websites

Lisa Allen, Associate Attorney - Lotus Law Center

All businesses should include these four essential elements on their websites.

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Revenue Pitfalls for Software Startups

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs usually make is getting so carried away by their idea that they forget they need to build a profitable business from it.

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Software Companies Find their Spot in the Internet of Things

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder & CEO - Sand Hill Group

A Sand Hill Group survey assessed opportunities and threats software companies expect on their business over the next two years from the Internet of Things.

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Top 5 Business Strategies for Startups

Peter Davidson, Tech Support Specialist - GXS

What’s needed to grow a software startup company besides a good business plan? And when should the leaders start thinking global? Follow the helpful tips in this article.