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Top Five Things to Look For in the Next Disruptive Enterprise Technology

Bipul Sinha, Partner - Lightspeed Venture Partners

In today’s ultra-competitive startup landscape, a new idea isn’t enough. Here’s how to identify and invest in a real disruptor.

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Get the Most from World-Class IT

Jeff Rauscher, Director of Solutions Design - Redwood Software

Leading companies use process automation to ensure key practices perform the way they should. Here are some tips for moving to automation.

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Unleashing Millennials – Workplace Motivators to Inspire the Next Generation of Tech Leaders

Joan Kuhl, Founder - Why Millennials Matter

Here are tips on attracting and retaining millennials in your workforce.

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Three Ways to Cut the Cost and Pain of a Software Audit

This white paper from BDNA examines the challenge of preparing for a licensing audit.

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50 Shades of Right in Software Product Development

Todd Olson, CEO and Co-Founder - Pendo

Every product manager strives to build the “right” thing, but right can actually be wrong in a different context. Here are some examples and practical solutions.