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Machine-Readable, Interoperable Data for Data-Driven Organizations

Dana Oshiro, Senior Marketing Manager - Code for America

Tech startups are emerging to meet the data needs of local and fed governments. Examples show opportunities for startups and improving govt processes.

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Q&A with Cloud Storage Provider Nasuni

Andres Rodriguez, CEO - Nasuni

All of an organization’s locations around the world are provided primary storage, file synchronization, backup and disaster recovery by this hybrid cloud storage service.

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Avoiding Big Data Train Wrecks While Maximizing Business Value

Chris Kocher, Founder and Managing Director - Grey Heron

Here are questions and an approach to make sure your company doesn’t let the Big Data tail wag the dog.

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Q&A with MuleSoft on Trends in API Connectivity

Greg Schott, CEO - MuleSoft

With this platform, companies can easily connect their internal and external applications and systems, while achieving faster time to market and unlocking competitive advantage.

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How to Preserve and Increase the Relevancy of IT Application Development in the 21st Century

Ray Payette, SVP, Services, Engineering and Operations - Blueprint

A look at seven of the most common pain points in application development, the impact they have and possible ways they can be fixed.