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Internet of Things

What Most People Get Wrong about the Internet of Things

Ari Amster, Director of Sales Channels - Qubole

Myths about the Internet of Things affect the perception of the IoT as well as its development and support. Here’s why busting those myths should be a priority.

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Internet of Things

Q&A with scriptr CEO on IoT Interoperability Challenges

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

This article discusses IoT interoperability challenges and where the market is headed with solutions that reduce time and resources required to develop, deploy and support IoT initiatives.

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The Frightening Trend Known as Ransomware

Rick Delgado, Technology Writer

Part of the frightening aspect of ransomware is that it works much differently than other types of cyberattacks. How does it work? Why is the trend growing? And how can you fight back?

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How BYO Messaging Impacts Enterprise Security

Alfred Chuang, CEO - Magnet Systems

Here are four key considerations business owners should take to safely take advantage of mobile messaging technology to have safe, meaningful conversations with users and employees.

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Business Virtualization Puts Business Teams in Control and Eliminates Transformation Bottlenecks

Ramesh Mahalingam, CEO and Founder - Vizru

Here are three common pitfalls to achieving business automation in a rapidly changing environment and four key criteria for creating a modern business virtualization environment.