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Matt Barney: Helping Leaders Avoid Failure Despite Disruption

Matt Barney, Founder, CEO - LeaderAmp, Inc.

This article in SandHill’s series profiling software leaders features the founder of a program that helps leaders focus in market and organizational chaos and as global leaders.

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The Anatomy of Big Data

Peter Auditore, Principal Researcher - Asterias Research & George Everitt, CEO - Applied Relevance

Explore insights in Big Data’s aspects such as emerging technologies and challenges.

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SugarCRM Success Reshaping Enterprise Applications

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

What is the significance of SugarCRM’s new round of funding from Goldman Sachs and the timing of the funding?

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Consumerization of Enterprise Sourcing: The Next Zen in Procurement Transformation

Amit Puri, head of sales (N.A.), enterprise sourcing platforms - Infosys Technologies

Leveraging a consumer-centric and cloud-based hosted approach, this platform integrates the entire Source-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay processes with consumer behavior, creating an ecosystem of buyers and suppliers.

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Q&A with Gainsight on Driving Customer Success in Recurring-Revenue Software Companies

Nick Mehta, CEO - Gainsight

Through unique data science knowledge, visualization, workflow and integration with native CRM platforms, this solution drives measurable improvements in churn rate and up-sell velocity.