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Big Data

Sand Hill Big Data Study: Mindset over Data Set

Shirish Netke, President and CEO - Amberoon Inc. & M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

How are companies using Big Data to grow their business? The findings of a recent Sand Hill study are demonstrated through this executive conversation.

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Q&A with Manufacturing ERP Provider Syscon Solutions

S. Vijay Venkatesh, Co-Founder and Managing Director - Syscon Solutions

Targeted for small and medium manufacturing enterprises, this ERP solution was one of the first to be offered in the SaaS/cloud model.

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recruiting & hiring

Interviewstreet’s Role in Recruiting Software Developers

Vivek Ravisankar, Co-founder - Interviewstreet

Coding challenges and contests are some of the ways this platform help startups, fast-growing and large companies hire programmers.

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Is your App ready for iOS 7?

Srinivas Balasubramanian, Chairman, CEO - Photon

Apple’s launch of iOS 7 is expected to be the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone. Here are five considerations for app developers.

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Big Data

Kreeo Makes Disparate Information Discoverable and Manageable for Collaboration

Sumeet Anand, CEO - Kreeo

This solution combines the strengths of social computing, application PaaS, Big Data and an interoperability layer in a unified framework.