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SaaS Global Channel Ecosystem Platform Connects Supply Chain Channel Partners

Scott Frew, President & CEO -

Channel control can be accomplished by joining manufacturers, resellers, distributors and end customers together. Here is a cloud-based partner relationship management platform that can provide that supply chain connection.

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“The Death of Traditional Software Product Management”

Paul Ressler, Principal - Cirrostratus Group

The book, “SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Success in Your Cloud Application Business,” is packed full of information for entrepreneurs starting a SaaS business, executives converting an ISV business to SaaS and current SaaS providers.

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Conversation with HR Solution Provider, Saigun Technologies

Tushar Bhatia, Founder, President - Saigun Technologies

Among the many HR solutions available today, this integrated HR automated solution is comprehensive and covers the entire HR lifecycle.

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Supply Chain Transformation in the Cloud

Kurt Cavano, Founder, Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer - TradeCard, Inc.

Four significant trends are driving a major shift in supply chain solutions. Here’s how leading companies and their trading partners are using cloud technology in supply change management.

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Critical Decisions to Ensure Success When Expanding Your Business Globally

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Large corporations growing an existing global footprint as well as smaller startups contemplating their first foreign presence must be aware of regulatory, political and other forces that can make or break them as they expand.