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Note to Manufacturing Cloud ERP Vendors: You Still Need to Provide Support

Martin R. Browne, Senior Manufacturing Consultant - Rootstock Software

Traditional ERP products are now being offered in the cloud, but many vendors are glossing over support.

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Retail Operations: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Craig Beddis, Chief Marketing Officer - Automic

Automation enables retailers to manage time-consuming administration and routine maintenance tasks that eat into IT resources, freeing staff to focus on innovation, the key driver for success.

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Manufacturing and Products Companies Moving to Cloud ERP for Greater Agility

Stewart Florsheim, VP, Marketing - Kenandy, Inc.

This article discusses the advantages of cloud ERP systems over on-site ERP systems, including flexibility and savings in total cost of ownership.

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Productizing Customer Success in the Cloud

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

Who’s responsible for customer success within a SaaS company and what software solutions monitor/manage this function? Here’s how a new set of SaaS vendors is attacking this problem.

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Q&A with ERP Ecommerce Company, InSync Solutions

Atul Gupta, Founder, Managing Director - InSync Solutions Ltd.

This ERP ecommerce solution for online retail businesses integrates SAP Business One ERP and Magento eCommerce and has the capability of back-office ERP.