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Five Common Mistakes Enterprises Make with IT Outsourcing Deals

Jonathan Crane, Chief Commercial Officer - IPsoft

More IT dollars are being spent on outsourcing, but many deals have disappointing ROI performance. Applying these procedures will avoid common pitfalls and lead to desired outcomes.

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Disruptive Solution Secures Data Anywhere, Anytime — Q&A with Ionic Security’s Chairman

Adam Ghetti, Founder, CTO and Chairman - Ionic Security

This cutting-edge cloud and mobile security solution disrupts the market with a security layer at the earliest part of the life cycle of data creation.

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Q&A with Decision-Management System Hexigo’s CEO

James Cattermole, Founder, CEO - Hexigo

This software drives teams to make decisions quickly and efficiently and also determines the quality of the decisions.

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Four Keys to Disruptive Innovation in the $3 Trillion Market for Enterprise Technology

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

It’s difficult for software startups and established companies to upend market leaders. Here are the essential components enabling one company to succeed with disruptive innovation.

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Embrane Solutions Solve the Cloud’s Bottleneck for Greater Agility

John Vincenzo, VP, Marketing - Embrane

Cloud computing has evolved during the past year, but to truly benefit from its promise of faster time to service, some infrastructure changes need to occur. This article discusses the latest cloud trends and the cloud’s future.