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Q&A with Communication Platform Waybeo Technology’s CEO

Bushair Waybeo, CEO - Waybeo Technology Solutions

This unified communication product enables instant global voice assistance to customers using a variety of mobile devices.

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SaaS Metrics: Three Steps to Success

Paul Ressler, Principal - Cirrostratus Group

Using metrics as a roadmap to improve your SaaS business can be very effective. Here are three steps to success and five metrics that should be a focus.

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Using Application Performance Management to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Charles Rich, VP, Product Management and Marketing - Nastel

Attention is often placed on the technology details of how application performance monitoring (APM) works, while overlooking the real reason we use the technology.

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Software Project Killers (And How to Avoid Them) — Part 3

Paul Giurata, Managing Partner - Catalyst Resources

Software Project Killers, Part 3 of a three-part series, looks at three make-or-break factors that hinder software development projects and assesses how to address them.

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How Big Data and the Cloud are Changing Customer Service Solutions

Kathy Juve, CMO - [24]7

In today’s digital world, enterprises and customer service providers need to provide better, smarter solutions that meet customer expectations. Here are four aspects of an effective “smart” customer service solution.