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Onvelop for iOS Hits the Market This Week, Allowing Access to SharePoint and Lync from iPads

Krish Kupathil , CEO - Onvelop

This enterprise mobility and BYOD product utilizes licensed Microsoft protocols to provide secure mobile access via iOS, Android and Windows 8 to Microsoft back-end software, SharePoint, etc. for collaboration and communication.

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The Next Holy Grail for Financials in the Cloud

Greg Sands, Managing Director - Costanoa Venture Capital

Cloud financial services applications are on the cusp of something truly game-changing for customers.

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Kreeo Makes Disparate Information Discoverable and Manageable for Collaboration

Sumeet Anand, CEO - Kreeo

This solution combines the strengths of social computing, application PaaS, Big Data and an interoperability layer in a unified framework.

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Mimecast Touts Smarter, More Secure Email Services

Justin Pirie, Cloud and Email Strategist - Mimecast

Email has become the backbone of internal and external collaboration. This cloud-based email solution gives customers the capability to integrate with existing technologies, on-premises, hosted or cloud.

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Big Data = Big Opportunities

Dr. Satya Ramaswamy, Global Head, Mobility & Next Gen Solutions - Tata Consultancy Services

This article discusses results of a recent study that sheds light on the current state of the Big Data marketplace and ROI. The study also uncovered insights on six core issues.