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Pop Goes the Cloud Bubble — Why Today’s Booming Cloud Market Won’t Result in a Dot-com-like Bust

John Dillon, CEO - Engine Yard

How can we keep the bubble from overinflating like the dot-com era as the cloud market continues to grow?

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Four Tips for Ensuring Your Executives Fully Realize the Value of Your Investments in Cloud, Mobile and Digital Workflow Tech

Dennis Amorosano, VP, Marketing & Professional Services, Business Imaging Solutions Group - Canon U.S.A.

Study finds execs don't know of IT investments; lowers ROI.

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File-Sharing Software, No Strings Attached

Sam Liu, Vice President of Marketing - Soonr

Improve four business functions by making file-sharing solutions available for recipients regardless of whether they are a registered user of that service.

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The Flip: Decline in Deployment of On-Premises Software

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder & CEO - Sand Hill Group

A Sand Hill survey reveals a major impact of the cloud and SaaS models and discusses the biggest drivers of cloud adoption.

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Getting Realistic and Dismantling Two Myths about the Cloud

Suraj Kumar, Founder and CEO - CloudBooks

Here’s the truth about cloud pricing wars and other cloud issues so your business can make more informed cloud decisions.