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Challenges of Traditional Software Companies Transitioning to SaaS

Omid Razavi, Independent Customer Success Consultant

Traditional on-premises software vendors still struggle to adapt to the changes in their competitive environment caused by the SaaS subscription model. Here are tips to succeed.

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Cloud Computing Wars will be Won on Security

Tim Prendergast, Founder & CEO -

Now software creators can rapidly prototype and certify services to operate in secure, compliant cloud spaces.

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The Future of Online Collaboration

Srikant Sharma, Founder and CEO - Zenyx

Most collaboration tools are lacking. Fortune 500 execs say they want collaboration software that meets three criteria discussed in this article.

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Intel, Google, VCs Pour Billions into Cybersecurity Startups

Steve Morgan, Founder and CEO - Cybersecurity Ventures

In the last five years, $7.3 billion has been invested into 1,208 cybersecurity startups. Here’s a look at 32 startups and their VC funding partners.

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Technology Business Management: The CIO’s Secret Weapon for Building Executive Confidence

Sunny Gupta, Co-Founder, President & CEO - Apptio

Here’s how technology business management is the CIO’s method for bridging the gap between the business and IT.