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Don’t Be the Next Mark Zuckerberg – How to Create a Strong Password

Sekhar Sarukkai, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist - Skyhigh Networks

How can you create passwords that are both strong and easy to remember? Here are some best practices for password security.

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How Microsoft’s LinkedIn Acquisition Changes the Competitive Landscape

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

The competitive landscape shifted with Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, especially in cloud. What are the implications to Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Taleo, Successfactors and others?

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Benefits of Switching to an Agentless Security Software Model

Ashley Leonard, President - Verismic Software

Agentless, cloud-based software solutions help IT managers foster greater enterprise security as well as flexibility and ease of use in IT infrastructure. Here’s how.

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Why ADCs are Ripe for Disruption from the Cloud

Sonal Puri, CEO - Webscale

The traditional application delivery controller (ADC) business model is on the brink of a significant upgrade. Here are three results of a SaaS-based ADC and server room.

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Role Model for the CFO as Strategic Advisor and Better Business Partner

John O’Rourke, VP Product Marketing - Host Analytics

There’s actually a “Star Trek” character the CFO can look to as a positive role model to become a strategic advisor and business partner to the CEO and other LOB executives. The article also discusses tools that can help connect operations and finance.