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Which Financial Processes are Optimal for Driving Customer Success and Growth?

Robert Reid, CEO - Intacct Corporation

A number of financial processes aid a company’s growth via customer success. Here’s how to do them right in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

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HP Surrenders Public Cloud as Amazon Gobbles up Everything

Chris Kocher, Founder and Managing Director - Grey Heron

What will happen now that HP opted not to compete with AWS’ juggernaut and "race-to-the-bottom" cloud pricing?

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Multibillion-Dollar Cybersecurity Markets in Asia Pac and Latin America

Steve Morgan, Founder and CEO - Cybersecurity Ventures

Cybercrime is a worldwide problem, and it continues to rise in practically every country. Here’s why investors and startups should keep an eye on Asia Pacific and Latin America.

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Tracking the Channel’s Role in IoT and Cloud Opportunities

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

This article discusses three key challenges to the traditional technology channel approach created by the cloud and solutions to those challenges.

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Crypto Wars: FTC Commissioner Calls for Encryption to Protect Privacy

Harold Byun, VP Product Management - Skyhigh Networks

Many law enforcement officials are calling for the weakening of commercial encryption software, or even the outright banning of encryption altogether. Not everyone agrees.