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5 Ways IT Can Do More with Less in 2015 (Magic Not Required)

Dave Wright, Chief Strategy Officer - ServiceNow

IT professionals can get ahead in 2015 with these five strategies.

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How Can Enterprise IT Increase Mobile Access and Security in the BYOD Era

Markus Rex, CEO - ownCloud

Enterprise IT needs to establish a new symbiotic relationship that will both increase access and mobile security at the same time. Here’s how.

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The Cloud Advantage for Smaller Enterprises

Jeff Baker, Vice President - Avendus & Ned May, Senior Vice-President - HfS Research & Puneet Shivam, U.S. Head and Co-head of Outsourcing Vertical - Avendus

Guidelines for successful cloud migration strategies.

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3 Key Steps for Implementing Identity Access Management (IAM) in the Cloud

Chip Epps, Senior Director Product Marketing - OneLogin

Here’s how to cost-effectively incorporate apps you’ve moved to the cloud into your security and compliance practices and adapt your IAM to fit this changing application environment.

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12 Misperceptions and Myths that Business Software Buyers Need to Understand

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Software experts share advice about how to avoid making mistakes when it comes to buying business software solutions or developing software.