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Optimize IT Endeavors with Layered Approach to Security

Peter Bauer, CEO - Mimecast

An organization’s approach to maintaining and protecting its IT real estate from outside threats is a top priority in today’s business environment. Consider this approach to combat socially engineered attacks.

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Rethink and Innovate: How Your Finance Team Can Successfully Navigate Disruptive Change

Jim McGeever, COO - NetSuite

How can your finance department fully support the organization’s continual need to flexibly change its structure while still retaining the necessary financial controls?

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Five Reasons IoT Isn’t Happening

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

Despite the unprecedented opportunities promised by the Internet of Things (IoT), many IoT vendors are struggling to generate the sales they expected. Here’s why.

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Security of IoT and Wearable Devices: Conversation with Tim Hahn, Chief Architect, IoT Security, IBM

Tim Hahn, Chief Architect, IoT Security - IBM

What are the pitfalls when creating security solutions for IoT devices? What are the workplace vulnerabilities for wearable devices? How will device security change over the next two years?

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Enterprises Catch the Mobility Wave with A DIY Approach to Apps

Babak Sardary, CEO and Co-Founder - ScoopMAE

Customized mobile apps capture employee know-how for solving issues and aid data-driven decisions. Now they’re affordable, quick and scalable.