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SaaS Now Revolutionizes the Channel

Dave Key, Managing Director - Cloud

SaaS is requiring SaaS vendors and their channel partners to change the way they work together.

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Security Solutions for Working Remotely

Dean Wiech, Managing Director - Tools4ever

Working from home has many benefits, but it causes significant issues for both the organization’s IT department and the employees. Here are three major issues and solutions.

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New Software Solution for Managing Risks in e-Discovery and Data Retention

John Montaña, Principal - Montaña & Associates

This SaaS solution tells executives what they need to do and know with respect to legal compliance for data sets. The tool includes a risk-management component.

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Is Your Billing System a Barrier or Enabler in the Innovation Economy?

Andrew Dailey, Managing Director - MGI Research

Companies moving to cloud-based, as-a-service offerings are discovering that their billing platform doesn't keep pace with the trajectory of their business. Here’s why agile billing is so important.

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Overview of Ireland’s Cloud and Big Data Landscape

Barry O’Dowd, SVP of Emerging Businesses Division - IDA Ireland

In addition to the fact that the temperate climate is ideal for data facilities, what makes Ireland the best little country for Big Data?