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Play Bigger: Time to Market Cap 100

This SlideShare executive briefing from Play Bigger Advisors ranks the top 100 U.S. technology companies that are growing in value the fastest, including the top 11, dubbed as “Super-Unicorns.”

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Where are the Opportunities for Cognitive Computing Startups?

Manoj Saxena, Chairman, Cognitive Scale - MD, The Entrepreneurs’ Fund

How will cognitive computing trends shape the future?

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Digital Transformation: Keys to Success

Sadagopan Singam , Vice President (Global) and Business Leader - HCL Technologies

Here’s what your organization needs to know to create a winning edge in the digital age.

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Time to Rethink Enterprise Applications?

Andrew Dailey, Managing Director - MGI Research

CFOs and business executives need business processes and supporting tools that are up to the task. Here’s how to rethink enterprise applications to support business volatility.

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Future of Video Games: 5 Predictions

Tien Tzuo, CEO - Zuora

This article discusses the appeal of streaming game subscriptions and gives five predictions for the future of video games.