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Cloud Vendor Management and Procurement: Challenges and Opportunities

Darren Cunningham, Vice President, Marketing - SnapLogic

Informatica discusses the impact of having a “cloud first” approach and the need for “cloud control.”

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Investing in Enterprise Software

William H. Janeway, Managing Director, Senior Advisor - Warburg Pincus

The author of “Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy” discusses multiple challenges and opportunities for investing in enterprise software and how the SaaS model impacts investment economics.

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Cloud Considerations for Software and Infrastructure Architects

William Martinez, Software R&D Manager - Avantica Technologies

Resources in the cloud may not be what they seem. Systems accessed as a service in the cloud differ from normal “on premises” systems. There are important restrictions on what the system can and cannot do, and it impacts how the system is designed.

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Healthcare BI + Big Data + Cloud = Insights that Save Lives

Robert Fox, VP Application Development - Liaison Technologies

We’re beginning to see powerful secondary uses for cloud-based BI, particularly in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. This article discusses transformative and industry-wide BI benefits.

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Bessemer Venture Partners’ Assessment of the 2013 Software Market

Byron Deeter, Partner - Bessemer Venture Partners

The cloud market has experienced massive expansion since 2009 when published “Bessemer’s Top 10 Laws for Cloud Computing.” This article assesses the market and vendor outlooks today.