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Who Has a Copy of Your Software?

Mike Rozlog, CEO - dBase

What processes and procedures should companies have in place on what is being built or produced to protect against unauthorized source code access?

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Detecting Open Source Security Vulnerabilities with Managed Open Source Governance

Lacey Thoms, Marketing Specialist - Protecode

Here is helpful information for when your company encounters open source security vulnerabilities in your code.

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Cloud Privacy vs. Security: What’s the Difference?

Pejman Roshan, VP, Product Management - ShoreTel

Hackers will always find a way to keep pace with technological developments, but there are solutions to make sure business continues.

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Closing the Human Behavior Gap in IT Security Monitoring

Gaby Friedlander, Co-Founder and CTO - ObserveIT

User activity monitoring software provides protection from threats that come from within an organization and contracted vendors with malevolent intentions.

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The New Odd Couple: Five Steps to Ensure Internal Zen with CMO and CIO

Kim DeCarlis, Chief Marketing Officer - BMC

In a typical enterprise organization, the CIO and CMO live at opposite ends of the spectrum, but this is changing. Here’s advice for achieving a complementary and mutually beneficial relationship.