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Bimodal IT is not a destination – it’s an enabler for digital transformation

Akhil Sahai, Ph.D., VP Product Management - Perspica

What is bimodal IT, and why does it make sense in some cases? How can companies ease the transition and ensure that applications continue to run at optimal levels?

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10 questions to ask before adopting DevOps

Yaniv Yehuda, Co-founder and CTO - DBmaestro

DevOps’ goal is improving the relationship between development and operations teams by advocating better communication and collaboration. Successfully adopting the practice isn’t always easy, though.

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Easing pain of agile requirements with forward-looking technology

Ruth Zive, Vice President of Marketing - Blueprint Software

Organizations need a modern agile requirements tool to bridge the gap between business and IT. Here are four reasons your organization needs one.

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DevOps for Software-Defined Everything

Gabriel Lowy, Founder - Tech-Tonics Advisors

Why are many companies adopting DevOps practices as a new approach to software development and delivery? And what’s the key to DevOps success?

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Time for a Change: Upgrade vs. Re-Implement Your ERP System

Aaron Continelli, President - Cre8tive Technology and Design

Is upgrading or re-implementing your ERP system the right choice for your particular organization? Ask these questions about your current system.