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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Pete Ungaro, CEO, Cray

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

Pete Ungaro is a supercomputing veteran, serving as president and chief executive of supercomputer pioneer Cray Inc. for more than 13 years. The venerable American technology icon Cray has seen its share of changes, market cycles and economic downturns and through that continues to invest heavily in R&D to build some of the most powerful and innovative supercomputers on the planet.

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Five Ways to Ensure Your Vision Inspires Change

Paul O'Dea , CEO - Select Strategies

Apple, Ford and Facebook are usual examples of “strong vision,” but how can CEOs of more modest companies craft and communicate a picture of the future?

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DreamHammer's Ballista Innovation for Robots and Drones is a Game-Changer for Businesses

Nelson Paez, Founder, CEO - DreamHammer

This software platform is the world’s first integrated control of disparate robot and unmanned systems. Also discussed: must-haves for disruptive innovation.

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Q&A with Communication Platform Waybeo Technology’s CEO

Bushair Waybeo, CEO - Waybeo Technology Solutions

This unified communication product enables instant global voice assistance to customers using a variety of mobile devices.

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Avoid Go-to-Market Strategy Pitfalls: Advice from Former President

Steve Pogorzelski, CEO - ClickFuel

Beating the competition to market comes at a cost. Here are six pieces of advice that will ensure your startup is ready to go to market.