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Ask the Experts: Long-Term Tech Thinking

Eric Pelander, Partner, Co-founder - Waterstone Management Group & Darren Cunningham, Vice President, Marketing - SnapLogic

Is long-term thinking dead in the quickly evolving tech world? If not, in what way is the perspective, time range or strategy of “long-term” changing?

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Information Archiving and Governance Success Requires Strategic Thinking

Srini Mannava, Founder and CEO - Infobelt

This article discusses the benefits of adopting Information Governance (IG) and deploying an information archiving platform, as well as eight basic requirements for institutionalizing IG.

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Software News Brief – March 2

Kathleen M. Goolsby, SandHill Managing Editor

Unimaginably large. That’s the size of potential impacts in several recent developments in the software world. Here are some of the news stories we’re watching.

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Data Visualization: Changing the Way Decisions Are Made

Roey Libfeld, Head of Business Development and Market Research -

Data visualization allows decision makers to directly interact with the information that’s needed to make an informed decision. Here’s how.

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Ask the Experts: Pebble Smartwatch

Jon B. Fisher, Co-founder and CEO - CrowdOptic & Christopher Lochhead, Co-founder and Partner - Play Bigger Advisors & Chris Kocher, Founder and Managing Director - Grey Heron

What is the real significance of Pebble raking in more than $5 million in less than five hours for its new smartwatch?