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Operationalizing the Big Data Buzz

This white paper discusses the maturation of Big Data, including why and how companies are utilizing it, associated challenges, popular uses cases and types of projects being implemented, including operational analytics.

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How Do You Hadoop?

This report focuses on 63 Hadoop practitioners’ responses to a May 2014 survey and presents information on complexity of data, satisfaction with Hadoop initiatives and more.

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The Dark Side of Cloud Computing

Gaurav Dhillon, CEO - SnapLogic

Organizations can be more elastic with cloud computing, but in today’s multi-cloud environment, how do you get SaaS applications and data sets to integrate?

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Visualization Techniques: Key to Big Data Consumption

J. Ramachandran, CEO - Gramener

These examples demonstrate how data visualization tools can improve enterprise effectiveness.

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Kona DataSearch: Secure Intelligent Search within Salesforce

Dave Hall, CEO and Co-Founder - Kona DataSearch

Once strictly used for advanced search in Salesforce, this tool has expanded into a cloud-based, secure, hybrid single-search solution for critical data in content management systems.