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How Do You Hadoop?

This report focuses on 63 Hadoop practitioners’ responses to a May 2014 survey and presents information on complexity of data, satisfaction with Hadoop initiatives and more.

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The Dark Side of Cloud Computing

Gaurav Dhillon, CEO - SnapLogic

Organizations can be more elastic with cloud computing, but in today’s multi-cloud environment, how do you get SaaS applications and data sets to integrate?

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Visualization Techniques: Key to Big Data Consumption

J. Ramachandran, CEO - Gramener

These examples demonstrate how data visualization tools can improve enterprise effectiveness.

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Kona DataSearch: Secure Intelligent Search within Salesforce

Dave Hall, CEO and Co-Founder - Kona DataSearch

Once strictly used for advanced search in Salesforce, this tool has expanded into a cloud-based, secure, hybrid single-search solution for critical data in content management systems.

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Sand Hill’s Software CEO Outlook 2014 Study Shows Transformation Required

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder & CEO - Sand Hill Group

Read findings from Sand Hill's latest study.