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How IT teams can fight against DDoS threats in 2017

Avi Freedman, CEO - Kentik

How can harnessing the power of cloud and big data help to even the odds in the challenging confrontation with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks?

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In 2017 IoT will drive continuous big data operations

Rick Bilodeau, VP Marketing - StreamSets

Here are three reasons the IoT will force a switch to continuous big data operations and what organizations can do to fully exploit the IoT opportunity.

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The IoT demonstrates the interdependence of Chinese and U.S. tech companies

David Friedman, CEO and Co-founder - Ayla Networks & Drew Lanza, Chairman - Ayla Networks

This opinion piece shares insights into U.S./China market dynamics for companies trying to navigate this challenging path.

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2017 will be the launchpad for IoT edge analytics

Adam Wray, CEO and President - Basho Technologies

In 2017, edge analytics will find itself in the limelight for companies of all sizes in a wide array of industries. What’s driving this trend and how can organizations prepare for the change?

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What lies in store for data virtualization in 2017?

Lakshmi Randall, Principal Product Marketing Manager - Denodo

Data virtualization capabilities continue to expand. Here’s how it will be leveraged in 2017, including its role in streaming technologies, and what developments are anticipated.