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Why Big Data Actually is the New Cloud — and for Good Reason

Murthy Mathiprakasam, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Big Data Products - Informatica

The substance behind both of these tech innovations is nearly identical. This article discusses the evolutions of these platforms and describes how they can be adopted.

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Internet of Things Needle-Mover Opportunities

Shirish Netke, President and CEO - Amberoon Inc. & M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder & CEO - Sand Hill Group

What challenges need to be addressed to create solutions within the IoT ecosystem and what opportunities will arise?

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Dresner Benchmark Study Reveals Trends in Advanced and Predictive Analytics in BI

Howard Dresner, President and Founder - Dresner Advisory Services

Business users are growing daily in their analytical sophistication and use of predictive analytics. How mature is the market and where are the gaps?

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Harnessing Big Data to Develop New and Profitable Data-Driven Products and Services

John Zuk, Principal - Waterstone Management Group & Hubert Selvanathan, Principal - Waterstone Management Group

The successful definition, launch and scaling of a Big Data offering requires these four critical considerations.

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How Big Data Analytics is Disrupting Hiring and Management

Carl Tsukahara, EVP Product and Marketing - Evolv

Big Data and predictive analytics are enabling contributions across the hiring and management segments of the employee life cycle. Here’s how.