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Welcome to SandHill.com, an online destination for insights and business strategies for the software, cloud, mobile, Big Data and Internet of Things ecosystem. Whether you’re a software executive, IT buyer or end user, venture capitalist or entrepreneur, Sandhill.com provides a wealth of articles on trends, insights and analysis, commentary and news, and research reports to keep you informed on strategic business solutions.

SandHill.com has grown with the software industry. As it grew from a small cottage industry to a gigantic game-changing enabler in enterprise businesses, we’ve kept our readers informed through the changes from the old mainframe days to the client-server era and now to the future with cloud, mobile, Big Data software and the Internet of Things.

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Kathleen Goolsby is managing editor. Di Freeze is editor.

Please send us your suggestions and ideas. Tell us what you like about our site and what you don’t – and what we should be doing, or doing differently. We’d love to hear ideas about what topics we should cover, trends we should research and services we should provide. And also let us know about the interesting people and products you encounter in the software world so we can share their story with the community at large.

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M.R. Rangaswami

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